The Master of Science in Nursing is designed for RNs everywhere, providing access to Iowa's acclaimed nursing curriculum in a flexible online format. The program is tailor made for practicing nurses looking to pursue an administrative or leadership role while still working full-time. 

Coursework focuses on helping students meet the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) distinction created by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. CNL's are both clinical and management experts, helping both patients and their fellow nurses thrive in any health care environment. Throughout the program, students learn to think not just practically and medically, but administratively, developing the skills needed to coordinate operations and promote a prosperous, positive workforce. 

The program also involves a practicum component, which involves gaining hands-on experience by working directly with a health care facility near you. Focusing on leadership challenges and observing current nursing supervisors at work, the practicum is an excellent chance to discover new skills that can be applied directly to the student's current workplace. Students can graduate the program ready to pursue roles in health education, coaching, quality improvement, or care coordination, among many other exciting, advanced, essential roles. 

Visit our website for more information about the online Master of Science in Nursing program or contact: 

Maria (Lindell) Joseph
Assistant Professor (Clinical), Program Coordinator
Phone: 319-335-3609

Jennifer Clougherty
Program Associate, Graduate Programs
Phone: 319-335-7021