Questions about the application process, admission requirements and course transfer ability contact:

Amy Jo Reimer-Myers
Assistant director, Des Moines programs
Phone: 515-235-4618

You can also reach the Des Moines program coordinators directly by emailing

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Program websites and contacts

Bachelor of Arts in Enterprise Leadership in Des Moines
Tara Lamb
Phone: 319-384-4816


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science 
Martha Kirby
Phone: 319-335-2347


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work in Des Moines 
Christy Thies
Phone: 515-235-4662.

You can also attend an in-person information session at the Iowa Center for Higher Education to learn more. Click here for a schedule of upcoming events.


Sport and Recreation Management program in Des Moines 
Clint Huntrods
Phone: 319-430-7940 

Kristina Sosa
Phone: 319-353-5423