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The University of Iowa School of Social Work has offered the MSW program in Des Moines for more than 40 years and is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Courses are taught by both University of Iowa faculty and accomplished adjunct instructors (all of them real-world experts who have made a positive impact in their communities). In addition to taking on-site classes, students will have the opportunity to complete some courses online via Zoom, a web-based interactive communication system that allows long-distance learners to participate in classrooms across the state. Students may complete the entire degree program in Des Moines, although they may choose to travel to Iowa City for selected elective courses offered during the summer semester.

Because it is located in Iowa's capital city, the Des Moines program offers students unique opportunities in policy advocacy and access to state government as well as the variety of services available in the state's largest city. The urban environment of Des Moines allows for a wide selection of practicum placements.

Students from diverse academic and experiential backgrounds are valued and actively recruited by the program. 


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To attend an informational meeting in Des Moines, please click here for a schedule of upcoming events. Visit our website for more information about the Des Moines Master of Social Work or contact:

Christy Thies
Phone: 515-235-4662