The University of Iowa


Interested in earning a graduate degree from Iowa but unable to relocate to Iowa City while you study? We've got you covered. The University of Iowa's offerings in Des Moines and online bring leading graduate programs to working professionals around the state. 

Executive Master of Health Administration

The University of Iowa Executive Master of Health Administration track uniquely prepares you to thrive in your current role and to advance in health organizations through a focus on strategic leadership specific to healthcare. Courses are taught face-to-face by combinations of expert executives and faculty. They have been designed to navigate the complex issues seen at the operations, finance, and strategic levels of healthcare leadership. This nationally top-rated, fully-accredited program will provide an entirely unique opportunity to learn critical cross-functional skills, connect with other future health leaders, and positively impact patient care.

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Business Analytics - MS and Certificate

What is business analytics? It's the journey from data to value. Data has always been around. What’s new is the rate at which we’re creating it, storing it, and our ability to process it. Until it can guide business decisions, data lacks value. Through business analytics, data finds meaning and guides decisions. That's value.

With new programs popping up daily, how do you separate deep analytics expertise from new kids on the block? At Tippie, we have a long analytics heritage and some of the most sought-after teaching talent in the country. All this expertise drives how we develop your analytics skillset.

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Executive MBA Program

We’ve re-imagined business education for experienced professionals—leaders who demand a higher level of classroom experience. The courses are probably on point with your expectations from a top-ranked MBA: management, finance, analytics, marketing, strategy, and more. The chairs, whiteboards, and overhead projectors are not that different, either.

But having a CFO in your study group is different. So are expert faculty who tailor their courses to your experience level—and understand you have other priorities, too. That, in essence, is the Iowa Executive MBA value proposition. Classmates with diverse backgrounds. Lively discussions with smart people like you. Professors who respect your experience. All from one of the best business schools in the country.

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Professional MBA Program

Your career is in a solid place. But getting to the next goal in your five-year plan is going to require more know-how than you can get on the job. That's where the Professional MBA Program comes in. Keep your career on the fast track while you earn an MBA, and gain skills that bring your goals within reach, now and for years to come.

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Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

The Online Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication serves current and aspiring communication professionals by combining the rigorous standards of a University of Iowa education with the convenience of online accessibility. The professional curriculum in this program prepares the student with concepts and skills to support a variety of careers in professional communication, including crisis communication, event planning, health communication, political campaign development, public affairs communication, social media-based communication, and strategic communication campaign development and writing.

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Master of Social Work

The MSW program prepares social workers for leadership in the profession and for advanced social work practice in a wide range of settings. The program's general focus is on family systems and social change, both domestic and international. Its primary goals are met through a set of professional foundation requirements and advanced courses which enable all students to understand the dynamics of human development and change; to understand the links between society's structures and families; to acquire skills for working with individuals, families, small groups, and communities; and to learn how to enhance the responsiveness of human service organizations.

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